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B2B Marketing Consultant, Data Analyst & Startups Advisor with 10+ years in marketing technologies, business development, startups & political consulting.


With more than a decade of professional experience in marketing, media management and political consulting, Oleksiy is creating brands, develops strategic ideas and brings your business to where you want it to be. Growing from 5 years in one of the fastest growing PR agencies in Ukraine, Platinum PR Group, he took it over in his 21 and turned the main business focus to political technologies, reputation management, and media relations. Oleksiy Kuryliak, as a key public opinion manipulation specialist, was working as a Consultant and a Head of the Electoral Headquarters for one of the leading presidential elections candidates back in 2009.

News are made for those who believe in fairy tales. We were creating those stories and making you to follow where we want you to go. I didn’t watch news, I was behind the scene in many of them.

Oleksiy founded Rioks Intelligent Marketing Solutions in 2012 which acquired Platinum PR Group after, and started the run for an International competition in marketing consulting and political advisory. Providing marketing consulting services in Ukraine first and then in Bulgaria and other European countries, Rioks rapidly started to grow to the Asian region and opened a marketing advisory office in Vietnam and then a marketing consultancy in Singapore. As for today, Rioks Intelligent Marketing Solutions (aka Rioks Marketing) is working on another expansion plan, with adding new services to their capabilities, that include not only marketing consulting, but full-stack solutions for businesses that include marketing audit, strategic planning, inbound marketing implementation, Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, marketing automation, lead generation services and many more. With an individual and innovative approach, a company is taking a significant share of the market, bringing excellent marketing consulting services and marketing education to emerging and developing markets.

Marketing is a psychology. It’s what they think and how they feel.

Being an entrepreneur and a marketing consultant in the same time, Oleksiy Kuryliak is one of the most influential young marketers who jump-started their career in a fast and aggressive way. With no fare and no limits, he is making impossible happen and gives an advisory that helps you to achieve business goals in the fastest way. With an experience in Europe, USA, UAE, Asia Pacific and Singapore, his open-minded vision is always taking a local insight and cultural beliefs of the targeted audience in a first place, trying to dig into their mindset and predict any future steps they may take.