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18 Giveaway Signs that You’re a True Mobile Marketer


Thanks to Compariscope, my quote was featured on a Compariscope blog. Here is an copy of their original article by Revital Libfrand.

…From a human perspective, numbers fail to capture the whole story. We thought it would be both interesting and informative to devote some time to exploring that intangible part of the story by going beyond KPIs.

With that in mind, we asked 18 mobile marketing influencers and regular practitioners alike to share their insights by completing the following sentence:

You know you’re a mobile marketer when…

Here are the responses we got –

  1. “You think in metrics because everything has to have a measurable impact — and everything does. If you’re thinking in terms of measurable impact, then you’re a master mobile marketer – and one who’s going to be very successful.”
    – Peggy Anne Salz, Founder and Chief Analyst, MobileGroove 
  2. “You’re truly impressed with your competitor’s products and progress in the space.”
    Ari Zoldan, Co-founder and CEO, Quantum Networks 
  3. “You put your customer first in every situation – and consider their needs and their behaviors. Mobile marketing is all about recognizing that mobile is at the heart of everything; this approach is the most appropriate way to serve customers.”
    Michael Becker, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, mCordis
  4. “You know how to drive engagement and awareness around a digital product. PR, content marketing & communications are key factors in app success. The most successful app marketers raise app search appearance to the top, bring new reviews and plan smart monetization strategies.” Oleksiy Kuryliak, Marketing Lead, Rainmaker LabsMobile_Marketer_Skills
  5. “When you truly understand customer needs and can translate them into features. Similarly, you wake up 20 times in the middle of the night to write down a new idea for your next app.”Jeffrey Emerich Christian, Board Member, Domain Branding Solutions
  6. “You know you’re a mobile marketer when part of your daily interaction with your favorite apps involves screenshotting the in-app ads.”
    – Alon Even, VP of Marketing & Business Development, Appsee 
  7. “You know you’re a mobile marketer when you’ve set up custom segments to analyze your mobile traffic in Google Analytics (to get more granular than the Google Analytics default mobile segments). And those are among the first things you check when you log in to Google Analytics. And you know how to act on the data.”
    – Tom Pick, Marketing Consultant, KC Associates 
  8. “You know you’re a mobile marketer when you recognize that smartphones are the primary way in which consumers interact with your brand. The best mobile marketers strive to customize every interaction, from messaging to in-app experiences, and create meaningful relationships with their customers on mobile.”
    Momchil Kyurkchiev, CEO and Co-Founder, Leanplum
  9. “You know you’re a mobile marketer when you regularly check your company’s website and landing pages, and test your forms using your mobile device(s) to determine their usability.  Then, checking the analytics to validate metrics. Bonus points if you include this information in a regular marketing report!”
    – Jeanne Hopkins, SVP/CMO, followcontinuum 
  10. “You know you’re a mobile marketer when you think about relevant sales content usage patterns and impact of sales ROI. How will the sales team engage with prospects using this content? Can you track content analytics? Will you receive funding for producing similar content in the future if you can show Sales ROI for this program and its content?”
    – Adam Stein, Principal, APS Marketing
  11. “You know you’re a mobile marketer when your default ad copy follows mobile ad specifications. Without realizing it, you’re only thinking about how it will look on a mobile device…Also when your phone battery doesn’t last a full day. I never leave home without at least one charging cable and my Mophie!”
    – Jessica Bahr, Senior Strategist, SocialFlowMobile_Marketer_Insights 
  12. “You know you’re a mobile marketer when every time you pick up your device, you search for the next meaningful mobile moment…Most importantly, you know you are a mobile marketer when you are truly passionate about making an emotional connection with consumers by using laughter, and tugging on those heartstrings, to create a wonderful memory that was made just a bit sweeter thanks to mobile.” – Aubriana Lopez, Lead Strategist, WHaM 
  13. “You know you’re a mobile marketer when mobile is integral to your overall strategy. As a true mobile marketer, you dedicate the time and effort to establish a comprehensive approach that balances your brand’s goals, your customers’ needs and what’s happening in the marketplace…You resist the urge to start your tactical implementations until you’ve done your research and formulated your strategy.” – Noah Elkin, Managing Editor, Street Fight
  14. Mobile_marketing_insight“You know you’re a mobile marketer when you start writing in very short sentences. Cause you know that people on-the-go don’t have time to read long ones. For mobile marketers, storytelling skills are brought to the extreme as they need to catch readers’ attention, provide value and encourage an action – all in one very small screen space.” Yael Kochman, Content Marketing Manager, Teradata Mobile 
  15. “When you catch yourself suggesting how a supermarket might optimize the names of products on their shelves and add keywords for better discovery.”
    – Serg Cherkasky, Founder, Vojer Messenger


  1. “App marketing isn’t about making a bad app look good. It’s about making the right app stand out to the right users. Understand that and you’re a mobile marketer” – Jonathan Frigon, Project Manager and ASO Expert, Gummicube
  2. “You know you’re an app marketer when you obsess over your app’s rank in the app store and modify keywords, texts, and visuals accordingly.” – Florence Broder, Community & Localization Manager, AppsFlyer
  3. “You know you’re a mobile marketer when DAU & MAU don’t sound like gibberish to you!”
    Daniel Rosenfeld, Digital Marketing Manager, Glide

So, what do you think? Is there a ‘you’ve arrived’ moment for mobile marketing, or is it something subtler than that? What separates the mobile marketing greats from the dilettantes?