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I was never paying any attention to things such as ads statistics on small projects, but at this time it went totally wrong. Facebook, are you kidding me?

At this time I was doing some ads for Iterra Media (Rioks since 2014).

Just check it out: after running a short-time campaign I’m getting this results:

facebook advertising ads

1371 website clicks, right? Alright… where do they disappear later on then?

Let’s check my Google Analytics account:

google ads vs facebook ads

Looks slightly less, don’t you think so?

For what sake, Facebook shows me a number of 1371 website clicks if Google says it was less? Is it something wrong with a technology and the numbers are not accurate, or is it my knowledge in advertising saying “dude, go and research a bit”? So I did research, and guess what… found nothing.

I would stop here if it was only Google Analytics and Facebook Ads, but when going deeper I got more.

GoSquared is showing even less

gosquared facebook ads

Oh, and I couldn’t forget about the Woopra. It shows even less from even less. Again.woopra facebook ads google analytics gosquared

So, can anyone tell me, why do we have such a different numbers in different analytics software products? This part wouldn’t be so frustrating if not understanding of budgets which in Rioks Intelligent Marketing Solutions, a B2B Marketing Consultancy, we deal with on Facebook frequently. It makes things confusing when you see 1371 clicks you paid for and then you see actual visits around 430 and 703 page views in Google Analytics (those are including results not only from advertising campaign).

This world is all about the trust. How can we trust Facebook Ads placement technologies then?