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In a previous post about What is Mobile Marketing Automation I mentioned, that Mobile Marketing Automation is an emerging technology that takes advantage of data analytics tools to transform data about mobile users and their usage patterns, enabling the enhancement of the customer experience across various mobile devices and platforms. Let’s look deeper into a topic and continue our Mobile Marketing Automation study.

Main characteristics of Mobile Marketing Automation.

A successful Mobile Marketing Automation system contains four core concepts. If perfectly optimized for your business, these features should contribute to a system that effectively communicates with mobile users in a result-driven way.

Understand: the system should be able to understand the needs of your mobile users across all devices and platforms.

Engage: the system should act intelligently in engaging users, wherever they are – on mobile apps, mobile web, social networks and/or wearables. Communication channels include push notifications, in-app messaging, web messages, etc.

Automate: the system should be able to send personalized and automated messages based on a predetermined set of campaign rules and real-time user behavior.

Optimize: the system should be able to track, optimize and learn from campaign results to achieve specific goals.

3 key requirements for a successful Mobile Marketing Automation platform

A Mobile Marketing Automation platform is considered incomplete when the following three requirements are not met:

Person-centric procedure

what is mobile marketing automation by Oleksiy Kuryliak

Consumers are multi-device as well as multi-platform today. A modern Mobile Marketing Automation system needs to understand user behavior across every device and platform. Irritation, anti-personalization, and dissatisfaction will arise from single platform-based messaging, which is a recipe for unsubscribing users.

Intelligent personalization

mobile marketing automation

A merge tag with “First Name” doesn’t do the trick anymore. When attempting to engage and delight users, a Mobile Marketing Automation system should be able to personalize every message that is sent to each individual user.

Automatic optimization

mobile marketing automation

Your Mobile Marketing Automation platform should be optimized for user behavior. Messages should be timed through knowledge of individual usage patterns, and optimized through understanding user value, conversion, and engagement.

How does Mobile Marketing Automation contribute?

The magic of Mobile Marketing Automation lies in data analysis – using the information to reach out to the right customer, at the right time, on the right device, with the right message. That ubiquitous email blast or in-app message (read: spam) just does not work anymore.

Increases user lifetime value.

Mobile Marketing Automation encourages users to complete key actions such as installing or purchasing, but also leads customers from first brand interaction to long-term loyalty. Companies can use messaging strategies such as time-sensitive offers, feature adoption, loyalty programs and cart fulfillment to increase the value of each acquired user.

Boosts Return-On-Investment.

The increasing engagement and profitability of users are related. As a user becomes more engaged, he will invest more time and money, and will thereby attract other users. As a result, these users become a profitable business. Investments in products and engineering become more profitable, and the cost per user decreases.

Enlarges user experience.

Mobile Marketing Automation is designed to protect and increase user experience and long-term engagement while generating quantitative results for the business. It should also make a business more efficient as it takes care of the rigorous, time-consuming work of understanding users and programming messaging. This saves time for both the marketing department as well as for developers and engineers. With the gathered information, the real-time user experience is enhanced and increased.

I will be providing more useful insights; please follow a Marketing Automation category for newest articles.